Here is What Our Students and Parents Have to Say



I approached Mr. Sumeet twice for handwriting analysis and I was surprised by his readings. He gave me accurate results every single time. The analysis has helped me gain insights into myself and improve on the problem areas.
Through the changes in some of my handwriting elements, I have been able to overcome my personality traits that had been an obstacle in my professional life. This has also improved my confidence. Thank you Mr. Sumeet!



My 10-year-old son had been struggling at his math classes. Despite help from tuition classes, he was unable to overcome his dislike for the subject. This came from his inability to comprehend the traditional problem-solving approach taught in school. However, this changed after he joined the Vedic Math’s classes at Equilibrium. Now, he can not only solve the problems but he eagerly looks forward to Math’s classes and puzzles.
I have only Equilibrium and their simple teaching style to thank for helping my son.



After a recommendation from a friend, I enrolled my 7-year-old daughter into Equilibrium’s Abacus classes. Though I was very apprehensive about the outcome, I must say that my fears were unwarranted. Mr. Sumeet’s classes have not only helped my daughter with speed math’s but I see an overall improvement in the personality of my daughter. She had a dislike for puzzles and anything analytical earlier. This has completely changed now. I can now recommend Equilibrium classes for any kid, with full confidence.