Brand Story

How It All Started
Equilibrium Abacus Academy, popularly known as EA square, is the brain child development  program by Mr. Sumeet B Bhangade.  He is a man of many interests and talents. Mr. Sumeet is an accomplished graphologist, life-coach, an entrepreneur, a Mathematics teacher, and a life-long learner. Despite the many hats that he dons, the role he enjoys the most is that of being a teacher and mentor to the young.
It was during the time he spent teaching Mathematics to high school students that he realized that most students failed to deal with calculations effectively. Some resorted to the use of calculators. Still others refrained from taking the problems to conclusion to avoid calculations involving large numbers or decimals. This resulted in students scoring low in the subject.
That’s when Sumeet realized the need for a better foundation in Mathematics. During his search for a methodology that could empower children with faster and accurate calculations, he came across Vedic Math’s and the Abacus method. Both these are ancient methods which are time-tested across nationalities and children of all age-groups.
For the first time, through EA square, Mr. Sumeet introduced the proven learning methods of Vedic Math’s and Abacus in the city of Pusad in Yavatmal, Maharashtra. Over the years, the Institute has fine-tuned its teaching methodology to suit children of all ages and skill sets. This is probably the reason the Institute has been successful in igniting interest in students and in gaining a reputation among parents.
Another hugely popular course run by EA square that benefits both children and adults is graphology which aims at manipulating handwriting elements to bring a desirable change in personality traits. Today, EA square boasts of a strong base of 500 students in the city of Pusad and looks forward to expanding to other cities. A tie-up with the Govt. of Maharashtra to take this effort to the rural hinterlands is on the cards and should materialize soon.
Several students and adults have already learnt and benefitted at EA square and many others are in the process. Will you be the next?
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Legal Information
Equilibrium Abacus Classes is a subsidiary of SBEQUILIBRIUM EDUSERV PVT .LTD, registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013.
Following is the registered address of the company:
869, Talav Layout,
Maharashtra, 445204